Working Process

How We Prepare Sandalwood Plant In Nursery

In a hot state like Rajasthan, preparing sandalwood plants is no less than a challenge. Another problem we faced was fluoridated water. In the year 2017, We built a Water Pond with a Capacity of 5 Million Liters of Water. In which Rain Water is Collected. Seeds are grown in the Germination Center. The Prepared Seedlings are transferred to the Net House and stuffed into the Polybag. Along with this, Pot Host is also Planted with Sandalwood in Polybag. Plants are ready for 6 months under the Supervision of Expert Team. After 6 months the Plant is ready to be Planted in the Field.

01Designing & Planning

We constructed a water pond with a capacity of 5 million litres. Where Rain Water Is Collected The Germination Center is where seeds are cultivated. The Prepared Seedlings are moved to the Net House and placed in a Polybag. In addition, the Pot Host is planted with Sandalwood in a polybag. Under the supervision of an expert team, the plants are ready for 6 months. The Plant is ready to be planted in the Field after 6 months.

02Our Plant Speciality

Fungicide & Insecticide Free
Original Santalum Album Verity
1.5 to 2 Feet Height

03Work By Farm Owner

1.Land from Nearby Architecture Lab And get the water tagged, so that Famalganem will be easy

2.Wire fsg on all sides or set up a net, so that the plant can be kept safe

3.Cater Equipment Rotavator, Plow, Harrow and Plow help prepare the field

4.Plants to water Drip Irrigation System to put up

5.FamkeDaily Work and To take care of plants Recruitment of Worker/Manager

Approximate Quantity of Sandalwood used in different Industries

Attar Preparations 60
Others Including Handicrafts 14
Soaps and Toiletries 10
Medicines 5
Sticks 1
Perfumery 10
Approximate Values in %