What is stevia?

Cultivation of sandalwood was not legal before 2002. But since 2003, as per the guidelines of the Government of India, any Stevia is called by numerous names in various parts of India. Its most popular name is "Meethi Tulsi" and "Meethi Patti". In Hindi stevia is called 'Madhu Patrika". But in most of the places, it is generally known as "Meethi Tulsi" because of its uncanny similarity to the Tulsi plant in stature, leaf shape, and other physical qualities. Stevia is also known as Sweetleaf, Honey leaf, and Sugar leaf. Though its farming is done throughout the world for a long time, it has been around two decades when the cultivation of stevia plant was introduced in India and currently it is growing up in a great way. Currently, India has about 30 million diabetic patients, which is expected to increase to 80 million until 2025. In this way, the Indian farmers have also started to take stevia cultivation to the next level trailing the huge demand for the diabetic market here. Presently India's total annual production of stevia is about 600 tons. The weather conditions in many parts of India are very good for stevia cultivation.

Farming with steevia

General Details

The cultivation of Stevia will be economically beneficial for the farmers. A plantlet of height 2 cm-4 cm costs 3 rupees and when the plant gets fully mature it costs 200 to 300 rupee or farmer will be paid according to the quality and quantity of the leaves.
Stevia can be grown in temperate and tropical regions as annual or perennial crop. Stevia is used as a flavor enhancer. It possesses antimicrobial activity as it helps to retard the reproduction and growth of certain bacteria. it also possesses antiplaque and antimicrobial activity. Due to its massive use it is used widely in pharmaceutical industry. Initially the growth of plantlets is slow and at the time chances of infestation are very high, which leads to decrease the quality and quantity of the main crop. To get rid of it, mulches and herbicides are used.

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